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Meet Betsy

For Betsy Spiker Holcomb, life doesn't get much better than relaxing out on the deck of her rustic log home, admiring the view of Deep Creek Lake. No matter what time of year it is, she finds that this picturesque area has a soothing quality that never loses its novelty. Each season brings out a different side of its scenic beauty. Born and raised in Garrett County, Betsy's choice to remain here says a lot about her personality. To Betsy, it's been a family tradition to live here and one that's rooted for generations to come.

Family History


"I'm the eleventh generation in my family to live in the Deep Creek Lake area and could never imagine having a home anywhere else. The only thing better than living here is sharing its beauty with my clients."


Betsy wasn't the first to recognize the unique appeal of this region. The log homes she and several relatives own were built by her family and are a special reminder of her unique heritage here. Her family history here began in the timber and log home industry over 150 years ago and most recently has spanned into the marina, ski and golf resort business, making Betsy the eleventh generation of successful professionals in Garrett County. It gives her a sense of pride to know that she is part of the region's rich history. Betsy also finds that serving on her county's Hospital Foundation Board as well as her local association of REALTORS ® Board is a rewarding way to participate in shaping Garrett County's future.

Giving Back To The Community

With a bachelor's degree in business administration, Betsy has worked hard to earn the luxury of living in this dynamic area. Today, when this successful businesswoman can take time away from her schedule, she enjoys volunteering time to maintain the integrity of her community by participating in programs such as the Hospital's Life Savers club, or volunteering for animal welfare organizations such as PAWS and HART. Whether she's skiing the nearby slopes with her husband Bob and stepsons Brendon and Peyton during the winter, powerboating and water sporting with her family around Deep Creek Lake during the summer, or walking along the beautiful Swallow Falls State Park with her dogs, Karli and Mali, the countless amenities available in Garrett County never get old for Betsy.

A Natural Resource

As many of her clients tell her, Betsy is definitely "in the know" when it comes to her hometown. With the lessons she learned from her mother, the broker/owner of a local real estate firm, and her father, who worked in the construction business, Betsy is a gifted expert and library of information about Garrett County and Deep Creek Lake. With such a strong connection to the area and the industry, it's easy to see how Betsy quickly established herself as one of Garrett County's leading real estate professionals.

The Deep Creek Lake Specialist

Whether her clients are purchasing their primary or secondary home, Betsy has a knack for finding her buyers the right match for their unique needs. Her extensive knowledge of the local inventory of homes and community resources allows her to provide a superior level of information to both native residents and long distance clients.

From hiring a caretaker to arranging for furniture deliveries to recommending a babysitter, Betsy stays on top of the details and works hard to help her clients make the necessary accommodations for their move. Her intimate connection with the area allows her to understand the needs of sellers and proactively implement plans to better market their homes. Betsy uses her strong analytical and negotiation skills to help sellers evaluate the best offers and ensure the maximum return on their investment.

"There is nothing Betsy loves more than spending time with her family."


With such a strong connection to the area that stems from a long family tradition there, you're not likely to find a professional who knows the community better than Betsy Spiker Holcomb. It's clear that Betsy is the best choice when it comes to buying, selling or renting a home here. She always has a smile on her face and looks forward to helping you make the most of your opportunities. When you work with Betsy, you're working with a Realtor ® who has Deep Roots In Deep Creek Lake. Count on a professional who is tapped into the area and call Betsy today.

With over 150 years of family history in the Deep Creek Lake area, Betsy Spiker Holcomb is the eleventh generation of Garrett County natives. Like her ancestors before her, she has a special place in her heart for this picturesque region. With such extensive knowledge about and passion for the area, it's easy to understand why Betsy is so successful as one of Deep Creek Lake's leading real estate professionals. She knows the community and its amenities like the back of her hand and is the ultimate resource for buying or selling a home here. When it comes to working with the right real estate professional for your next move, you want someone who has Deep Roots In Deep Creek Lake. That's Betsy Spiker Holcomb. Call her today for a free consultation.

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