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Sailing Deep Creek Lake-Deep Creek Lake Sailing School

Sailing Deep Creek Lake-Deep Creek Lake Sailing School
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Sailing Deep Creek Lake


I was showing property this weekend starting at Thousand Acres when I discovered something with my clients while checking out a waterfront property/dock. I have been on this lake for over 6 summers but have never seen the amount of sailboats out and about, although I have understood that it is the norm. Without sounding corny, you could almost liken the movement of the numerous sailing rigs on the water to a gripping scene at a fine ballet with a symphony playing some world renowned score.

Sailing Deep Creek Lake-


There was a calm amongst the chaos as boats zig zagged  through random trajectories trying to juggle the jib, tiller, battens, turn buckle, chain plates, cleats and winches (yeah, I googled those terms!). Actually, the two person crews that captain these sailing rigs had an immense amount of experience and it only seems chaotic for a novice like me…BUT NOT FOR LONG!

Sailing Deep Creek Lake-Deep Creek Lake Sailing School


I have signed up for the adult Deep Creek Sailing School to get my “wings”  or “anchor” or what every term is used after you become a veteran Sailor. After all, my father was a submariner which is kind of close to an actual sailor, so there are bloodlines!  DeepCreekSailingSchool offers a week-long sailing school for both adults and juniors beginning with the basics and working up to being able to sail with confidence with any deckhand who has ever swabbed a deck. I talked to a friend last night who has vast experience in sailing who told me that the first thing to do is get a deep understanding of the winds and then apply it to the information learned at the sailing school and that’s just what I’m going to do.

Sailing Deep Creek Lake-Deep Creek Lake Sailing School


Don’t ever feel it’s too late to find a new passion or love. Life is too short not to find new and exciting things and sailing is at the top of the list at the moment.

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