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Sweet Banana Pepper Mustard Recipe

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Sweet Banana Pepper Mustard Recipe
Sweet & tangy with a hint of spice
Sweet Banana Pepper Mustard Recipe
“Three food processors” full of sweet banana peppers.

Sweet Banana Pepper Mustard Recipe. It is that time of the season! Canning, canning and more canning! While over at a friend’s house a few weeks back and tried an amazing sweet banana pepper mustard. I literally could not put it down. The next day I immediately went out and bought a fresh peck of peppers and got to work. Recipes online are all similar for the most part with one major fault in my opinion…too much sugar!!! Most recipes call for 6 cups of sugar which is far too sweet for me. Here’s what I suggest as a base recipe. You can’t go wrong.



1 QT of yellow mustard

1 QT of cider vinegar

2 cups of sugar

2-4 Tbsp of honey

1 Tsp salt

1 cup flour

1 1/4 cup of water

36 large, 40 medium or 50 small banana peppers

Optional- 2-4 hot banana peppers



  1. Seed and chop peppers
  2. Mix everything together
  3. Warm to a boil stirring constantly so you don’t burn the mustard.
  4. Ladle into hot sterilized jars. Cap with sterilized hot lids and snug rings and process 10 to 15 minutes in water bath.


Fall in love with this delicious snack! Eat it with pretzels, hot dogs, sandwiches, glazes on hams or whatever else floats your boat! Try adding your own flair to each batch if you like. I tried fresh ginger on my last batch and it was a hit with the family!

Substitute hot peppers if you like.


Sweet Banana Pepper Mustard Recipe
Processed peppers
Sweet Banana Pepper Mustard Recipe
Stir!! Mustard can burn easily on med high heat!
Sweet Banana Pepper Mustard Recipe
Let jars cool slowly after water bath.
Sweet Banana Pepper Mustard Recipe
Dry seeds on a paper plate/paper towel for next year!