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Top 10 FAQ’s Regarding Deep Creek Lake, MD

1. How large is the lake?
Deep Creek Lake is Maryland’s largest freshwater lake encompassing 3,900 acres with 65 miles of shoreline. Its average depth is 26.5 feet and 72 feet at its deepest.

2. What is Garrett County’s elevation range?
Garrett County’s average elevation is 2,300 feet above sea level. Its highest elevation, on Backbone Mt. (highest point in Maryland) is 3,360. Deep Creek Lake is around 2,455 above sea level.

3. What type of activities go on around the lake?
(Is there enough room here?). Boating, Swimming, Kayaking, Water-skiing, Alpine-skiing, Rock-climbing, Wake-boarding, Dog-sledding, Whitewater-rafting, Golf, Mountain Coaster, Hiking, Biking, X-country skiing, Snowmobiling, Fishing, Ice-skating, etc. Nearly every outdoor activity you can think of.

4. How much snow falls in the Deep Creek Lake area?
Average yearly snowfall—116″ – more than Fairbanks, Alaska.

5. What is the average temperature at Deep Creek Lake?
It is consistently 10-15 degrees cooler here than in the Baltimore/Washington Metro area. The average temperature is around 68 degrees in the summer and around 30 degrees in the winter.

6. Does Garrett County have any state parks or forests?
Do we ever! We have 7 state forests and parks. Savage River State Forest is the largest in Maryland. This county has over 90,000 acres of publicly owned lands.

7. How far away is Deep Creek Lake?
Here are some distances from nearby metropolitan areas:
Baltimore-177 miles; Washington, DC.-161 miles; Pittsburgh-96 miles; Cleveland-255 miles; Philadelphia-282 miles; Richmond-224 miles; New York-355 miles.

8. What is Wisp Resort?
You haven’t heard about it yet? Wisp Resort is the Mid-Atlantic’s premier four-season resort. It is becoming known as “The Little Tahoe of the East.” There are too many things happening at Wisp to list here: from a world-class whitewater course to the best snow-making capabilities in the world. Call for a complete update on Wisp Resort.

9. Are there any real estate investment opportunities at Deep Creek Lake?
You must be kidding??? This area is the most exciting area in the region to be looking at real estate. Where else are you going to find stunning scenery, a true four season resort area, a nearly 4000 acre lake at the bottom of an ever expanding ski resort all within 400 miles of 60% of the nation’s population.

10. How soon can I get a break from my hectic life and come to Deep Creek Lake, MD?
That one’s in your hands.

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So much to do throughout all four seasons! Whether you reside all year round or looking for the perfect second home, there are many local events, activities, and things to do in the area.

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