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Deep Creek Lake-Hale Irwin-Lodestone Golf Caddy

Betsy Spiker Holcomb Deep Creek Lakes Favorite Realtor
Betsy Spiker Holcomb Deep Creek Lakes Favorite Realtor

Deep Creek Lake Lodestone Golf Caddy

Last year around this time I had a great opportunity to caddie for Hale Irwin when he christened the front nine at Lodestone Golf Club.  I felt that I nailed it, but after the round Hale half jokingly told me I was the worst caddie he ever had in his career….Ouch!

Deep Creek Lake-Hale Irwin-Lodestone Golf Caddy
Hale and Steve Irwin

Although I have spent 24 years building golf courses, I never really had time to grasp exactly what a caddie does other than carry the bag. It was news to me that each club actually had a specific place in the bag. Go figure. My take on it was the same as when I play and I just stuff the club wherever it fits.  It was news to me that I was supposed to bring a wet and dry towel to keep the clubs and golf ball clean. I had to grasp the critical caddy duties that keep the golfer focused on his game. Thankfully for me, this was a practice round and I wasn’t responsible for taking any food off the Irwin family’s table!

This year I made sure I was on my “A” game so that if I was called to duty in the caddying department I wouldn’t be smacked around for my lack of skills! I got back in the gym, got into strong physical shape and studied PGA game films of caddies who worked for the best golfers in the world. Now I felt I was ready to assume the role as super caddy!

This year it was my responsibility to caddy for Steve Irwin, who is Hale’s son. I had a wet towel ready to wipe down clubs and golf balls, and returned clubs to their proper place with scientific precision. Steve actually used a few suggestions about putting lines and shot trajectories into greens. I think Hale even had a chuckle or two about my born-again effort to be a decent golf caddy.

I have hung up my golf course construction boots for good and have happily put on the real estate cap here in Deep Creek Lake, but there will always be this feeling deep down in my heart wondering if my calling all along was to be the best caddie ever on the PGA tour!

Deep Creek Lake-Hale Irwin-Lodestone Golf Caddy
Steve Irwin and Bob Holcomb

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