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Betsy Spiker Holcomb Deep Creek Lakes Favorite Realtor
Betsy Spiker Holcomb, Deep Creek Lake’s Favorite Realtor


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It’s mid-September and we are transitioning into an absolutely gorgeous time of the year here at the lake. Temperatures are comfortably maxing out to the mid 70’s during the day and cooling down to the mid 50’s at night with very low humidity. It’s not quite feeling completely like fall but you can feel a subtle transition towards the season.



On the way to work this morning, I noticed the lake was free of any activity, be it boating or water sports. The winds, like most days this time of year, were very calm and the aura the lake gave off was both peaceful and soothing. It’s amazing how this affects everyone who lives and visits at the lake.  Everyone I’ve run into today has been all smiles with a common discussion about the beautiful weather we are so fortunate to enjoy.  I have mentioned this in the past many times, but if you can get here this time of year with your family you will experience a different and special personality of Deep Creek Lake. Maybe you need to unwind with your loved one and have a romantic get-away. This is the time of year where your focus can be crisp and clear like the weather surrounding you.



It’s also a great time to preview real estate since the crowds have thinned down and the rental homes are a little more accessible. Book a long weekend here at the lake and let Betsy Holcomb show you homes within your criteria. Start planting the seed now for your home here at the lake so you can enjoy these special surges in the season. Call Taylor-Made Deep Creek Vacations & Sales @ 866-351-1119 to find a great rental property to help enjoy your stay.



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