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Home Winterization Tips for Deep Creek Home Sales

home winterization tips

Home winterization is on the minds of many of my sellers in the Deep Creek Lake are this time of year. I put together my top tips for home winterization to be sure you are ready when Old Man Winter knocks at the door.

prevent frozen pipes

Home winterization starts with protecting your pipes and water system. Avoid costly water damage that can occur from freezing pipes. A plumber will check everything and get it ready it for cold temperatures. Water should be drained from places where it is stored, like water heaters and hot tubs.

Once the water is drained, you won’t need to keep the heat turned up. Your pipes are safe and you will have lower utility costs.

check the gutters for leaks & debris

If water collects and freezes, your gutters could be damaged. The weight can pull them off of the house. Also, this could cause water to collect around your foundation. Most home owners know, that is never a good thing. Clean them out and seal up any leaks that you find.

Remember to Drain garden hoses

Disconnect the hose from the spigot and drain the water. You don’t want the wter to freeze and burst the hose and the spigot.

Identify openings to the house & seal them

Here in the mountains, critters and insects start looking for shelter when the weather gets cold. Seal all openings, and be sure to check dryer vents and your chimney.

trim any limbs over your house                                         

Heavy snow or an ice storm could lead to broken branches. (Many owners learned that the hard way during Superstorm Sandy in 2012.) Trim these to prevent damage to your roof and gutters.

Talk to the gas company

Contact your gas company to notify them that your house is vacant. Ask them to disconnect the gas supply. A gas leak in an empty house will go unnoticed.

schedule a complete fall clean up

Keep your home looking tidy by having a landscaping professional cut back dead plants and rake leaves. This will also help with keeping moisture and insects away from the house.

Check in on your home 

Keep an eye on things to be sure your home is secure. It should have the appearance of being occupied. Having timers on your lights will help with this. Make sure the driveway is plowed too. This is important for showings as well as for security.

home winterization Services from Taylor-Made

Many of my clients don’t live in the Deep Creek Lake area. That can make tackling these home winterization tasks a little more challenging.

As a full-service realty company, Taylor-Made offers a variety of property services. From leaf clean-up and snow plowing to security checks and housekeeping, I can connect you with team members that can care for your home when you are not in the area.

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