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Greetings from Deep Creek Lake-Summer Activities-McHenry, Maryland History


Greetings from Deep Creek Lake-Summer Activities-McHenry, Maryland History

Greetings from Deep Creek Lake-Summer Activities-McHenry, Maryland History. This weekend is a little slow on events but never comes up shy on the vast amount of summer activities. The tubers and fishermen have been steady on the lake as the weather remains perfect here at the lake. I noticed local ski and wakeboard instructor Greg Rouse on the water barefoot skiing at 6am a few days back, which is the most exciting/interesting thing I have seen on the lake.

 Weekly update Deep Creek Lake

Deep Creek Marina has recently acquired the popular Lakeside Club from DC Development and has re-directed the course from how it operates. There is a full-term commitment to their clients and the new ‘Deep Creek Marina Club’ is sharing this wonderful amenity with them on several different levels. Here are more details.


Deep Creek Marina is proud to announce the opening of the Deep Creek Marina Club.  We have never been so excited to give something back to our customers as this private club. We believe we have come up with the ultimate customer loyalty program that exceeds any points programs and other typical customer loyalty programs by tenfold and we are pretty certain you’ll agree.    



     Would you like to have another boating destination on Deep creek Lake? One that you can call your own? Well, now you have it.  Members get their own private club to hang out and socialize or just kick back and relax. The Deep Creek Marina Club was conceptualized as a way to capture the boating lifestyle for our customers and offer an additional boating destination (plenty of parking by auto as well).  The Club currently offers incredible gourmet sandwiches and Pizzettes.  You can pick from our boat brand sandwich menu or build your own just the way you want it. We also offer weekend and daily food and drink specials. Beer, Wine, and top shelf liquor are offered exclusively for our members and their guests.   Best of all membership is free to our boat owners (certain restrictions apply). 

Other benefits of membership include complimentary use of paddleboards, pedalboats, and kayaks, use of the lakefront tables and Adirondack chairs that make for a pleasant afternoon, or evening outing.  Kids or kids at heart can relax with our indoor pool table and game room and there is even a spot for little kids right where mom and dad can keep an eye on them and still enjoy the club offerings.  Hours for June are Thursday- Monday 11


Betsy captured this photo last week of a fox in the middle of the day which is very rare. It’s kind of neat photo because you’ll notice a reflection in the glass of the front door which gives the illusion of two foxes.


Weekly update Deep Creek Lake

Here is the flood of new lakefront listings that have come on the market over the last 30 days –

And for a little trivia…DID YOU KNOW…?

Dr. James McHenry, Secretary of War during the administrations

of Presidents Washington and Adams, purchased

almost 1,000 acres in the Buffalo Marsh area

which is today known as Marsh Run Cove or McHenry

Cove. After James and his son William died, a nephew,

John McHenry, moved to the Buffalo Marsh property.

After the death of John and his wife, the land passed

through many hands but today we know the area as



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