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Greetings from Deep Creek Lake-Winter-Veterans Day-Real Estate

Greetings from Deep Creek Lake-Winter-Veterans Day-Real Estate

Greetings from Deep Creek Lake-Winter-Veterans Day-Real Estate . There are very few things we can predict in life and weather would certainly be one of those!  Our temperatures here have been rising and plummeting from day to day, which is pretty typical for this time of year.  I know many of us would just as well have snow so that we can enjoy its beauty but we will have to patiently wait for Mother Nature to run its course and bless us with such.  If you haven’t done so already, now is a good time to secure your season pass at Wisp Resort.  You will not want to wait in line to get it once the slopes open!

Greetings from Deep Creek Lake-Winter-Veterans Day-Real Estate


As we transition towards winter, remember that docks have to be out of the water by December 1st and can be returned to the water no earlier than April 1st.  They like to make sure all objects are out of the water before the lake freezes.  Our snowmobiles are begging for a frozen lake this year!  The last few winters, the temperatures haven’t been consistently cold enough for the lake to freeze to the point where I’m comfortable riding the water.  We saw a few brave enthusiasts out there last year but we were not one of them!


                        Griffin enjoyed his first office Halloween party, especially due to the fact that Mommy allowed him to taste a few of the homemade dishes.  I’m not sure he was digging the costume, however!  I’ll have to do a better job shopping for one next year.

Greetings from Deep Creek Lake-Winter-Veterans Day-Real Estate


Event wise, we are kind of in a lull but there will be some upcoming winter events over the next month that we’ll be sure to tell you about.  There is, however, a Veteran’s Day Parade in Oakland at 10:00 on Monday, November 11th.  This is something I wasn’t even aware but now that I am I’ll have to check it out for myself.  What a great way to honor those who’ve served our country!


The Betsy Spiker Holcomb Team’s featured listings for the week are a contemporary home in RedRunHeights, a waterfront home site on Stockslager Road and a Lincoln Lodge on Mayhew Inn   Road:


These are the last 15 sales to take place at Deep Creek/Garrett County and you will see that the sales prices are getting closer to the asking prices:  Remember that we have an auto email service that we provide that will email you listings within your specific search criteria as soon as they hit the market.  If you are not already setup on this service and would like to be please let us know.


A thought from Napoleon Hill for your weekend…Don’t wait. The time will never be just right.

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