Deep Creek Lakes Top Spring Activities

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Deep Creek Lake’s Top Spring Activities


We are often asked what are Deep Creek Lake’s best spring activities. In a four-season resort like Deep Creek there is always plenty to do as you transition into each season. As we start getting closer to the end of the 2016 winter season it’s a great time to start planning next season’s family adventures. Springtime always has a special place in my heart personally because of the abundance of “new life” after a long winter of hibernation. You will not be disappointed with the diverse amount of activities we have here at Deep Creek to experience. Here are a few to get you started…

Deep Creek Lakes Top Spring Activities
Early morning fishing trip Deep Creek Lake.


  • Fishing- Like fishing? Get up before the crack of dawn and get out on the lake with a pale full of golden shiners in some secluded little cove near the dam and get ready to wear out your wrist reeling in 14+ species of fish. All your favorites are here such as largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, walleye, black crappie, yellow perch, bluegill and many other species. Start your day enjoying the peaceful calm that Deep Creek offers every morning and fill up your cooler with lunch for the family.


Deep Creek Lakes Top Spring Activities
Hiking Swallow Falls
  • HikingIf you like to check-out from civilization and become one with nature then Deep Creek Lake is your home for great hiking adventures. With seven State parks, you will have no problem getting your fill of the green life. Mild temperatures, budding trees and blooming wildflowers make spring a great time to hike in the area. There is plenty of information online to get you started, so grab your family and get stepping!


Deep Creek Lakes Top Spring Activities
Muddy Creek Falls
  • The Spring Thaw at Swallow Falls- You can witness a really amazing spectacle here at Deep Creek Lake in the Spring time. The Spring thaw at Deep Creek lake is basically all the snow accumulation during the winter melting which swells the rivers and waterfalls. Take some time to research and check out this amazing event.
Deep Creek Lakes Top Spring Activities
Hale Irwin Lodestone Golf Course-Deep Creek Lake


  • Golf – Deep Creek Lake is lucky enough to have the wonderful mountain course Lodestone near Wisp Resort. There’s also Thousand Acres Golf Course, Oakland Golf Club and Wisp Golf Course. You have a nice selection of different tiered golf courses for your enjoyment.
Deep Creek Lakes Top Spring Activities
Paddleboarding Deep Creek Lake



  • Canoeing/Kayaking Paddleboarding- Take an early morning sunrise canoe/kayak or paddleboard run around the lake and have the entire lake to yourself. If you have never been on the lake early in the morning you are missing out on one amazing experience.

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